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Saiyuki Colo: “Sunset Hakkai”


Sunset Hakkai by Xupz

  This one was a resquest from rachel_reicheru . It's not from any part of the manga, I think, probably a splash page or something... Quality of the scan wasn't awesome, and I'm not that much of a cleaner, so I did my best... I actually erased some of the original shadows which really looked messy on my scans, to replace them with my own.
  So this is... “smexy Hakkai”! But with lightings, to make it a “sunset Hakkai” (... 笑) . My first attempt without lighting effects had a slightly different look; I changed the colors of the sky and some other small details, you can check it over here: CLICK. It took me a lot of time, I just couldn't make my mind on the colors (I changed, like, ten times the color of Hakkai's shirt, and am still not sure about it.)
  Damn, it's so hard to play with colors.

Lineart and character (Chô Hakkai) © Minekura Kazuya
(Gensômaden Saiyuki/Saiyuki Reload/Saiyuki Reload Blast) 
Colors mine

xxxHolic colo: “Sweet Kouhane”


So this is... Grown-up Kouhane, from xxxHolic Rou, chapter 209. Several panels that I brought together, actually, not a page in itself.

I just thought grown-up Kouhane was really, really beautiful. That face she's making in the bottom panel... hanyaaaan <3
I instantly wanted to color her. Well, this also registers at my first attempt at coloring with the GIMP!!! Yes, I've recently switched to Ubuntu and installing, launching and using GIMP without regular crashes took quite some time. However now that I've learned how to use it, I must admit that it's even more practical than Photoshop - not even mentioning the fact that it costs about 1000€ less. (damn you Photoshop creators!!)
However there is no "overlay" mode nor "clipping mask" tool, and I miss those two dearly :[ I have to make do with what GIMP has to offer, but I don't really know the software that well for now, so... but all in all, you can see that it's basically the same kind of colo as I've been doing lately, no big changes.

Nothing to add - hope you like it!

Lineart and character (Kouhane) © CLAMP
(xxxHolic rou)
Colors mine


Saiyuki Colo: “Goddess of Mercy”


Coloring Kannon, or Kanzeon, the Goddess of Mercy; a witty hermaphrodite who kicks ass. In one of her rare stand-alone ocurrences.

I'm kind of proud about the background. I rarely take so much time making patterns by myself. (I usually just use photoshop's capacities or brushes or whatnot. Yeh, I'm lazy and not skilled). The rest is pretty common, also one of my latest colos, so not too messy even if it's from before I started changing my technique.

Lineart and character (Kanzeon Bosatsu) © Minekura Kazuya
(Gensoumaden Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden)
Colors mine

Saiyuki Reload Colo: “Good-Bye Kiss”


The colo in itself is not as old as last one, but since I had updated "Next time" right before I uploaded it on lj, and done A LOT of modifications then, the technique is actually older here. But still not that old. Wait, I'm lost...


At the request of waifine, a good friend of mine on lj (and it was actually a great idea), I've colored the scene where Goku is kissed by the youkai girl.
I kinda hesitated as far as skin hue is concerned, because it's hard to guess where the Sanzo party is travelling now. I chose this tanned color since it reminds me both of indian or west-chinese skin (and I guess they should be pretty close to India/Tenjiku now, yes?) and of desert dwellers. This scene occurs in a desert-ish kind of place, so... yes.
I used a brush for the background cloudy effect.

Lineart and characters (Goku + Youkai girl) © Minekura Kazuya
(Saiyuki Reload)
Colors mine

Saiyuki Gaiden colo: “Next time”

Since deviantArt won't allow people to color the work of mangakas and I may very well wake up to find that my latest deviations have been deleted, I decided to start posting my colos on lj as well. At least no one can bother me on my very own personal space. I'll probably upload all of my colos one by one some day, but for now I'll just start with my latest colo - or to be exact, version 2.0 of an old colo.


[Konzen] “—Next time, I promise…I…I’ll be the one to reach for you.
’ll definitely reach for you.

Saiyuki Gaiden Colo from Vol. 4, chapter 33, page 37
aka “the terrible ending that got everyone sobbing their heads off.”

***  V 1.0  ***

It seems to me that Minekura has tried to make a lighting effect in this drawing, because of how unusual the shadows are. She decided to keep one thin outline of non-grey, whereas usually it's more like scattered shadows that follow the curves of the characters, and so on. To me, it seemed as if there was light coming from behind those guys. I tried to keep that in my coloring.

***  V 2.0  ***
After some very helpful person pointed out to me that I had failed to notice that Konzen still had some part of his glove left on his arm, I decided to correct that. However this happened to be a much harder task than I thought it would, and I ended up digging out the original lineart; and started redoing the colo on top of the old one. I was like “Oh my God, this is SO messy, how could I have EVER released such a rushed colo, I so need to do justice to this epic moment” and eventually changed a LOT of things. I also changed the greenish heaven's background (since another helpful commenter said to me it was an odd color here) for a very angsty, very dark one... AND purple (this was not because I'm so fond of purple that I put it everywhere in my colos, no; who said that?? è_é), and that was because this is Konzen's scene. And Konzen's color, as Sanzo will be, must be purple. Konzen FTW.
I got all teary working on that pic again. Sad me. Poor me.

Lineart and characters (Goku + Konzen) © Minekura Kazuya
(Saiyuki Gaiden)
Colors mine

Saiyuki Gaiden 2010 calendar !

It's here!

And it's so HUGE! I never thought it would be so large. The numbers that are written at the bottom are so small in comparison. I'm so *squee*!!!
Order it by amazon.co.jp too ;D

Look: doesn't he look just great? é_è <3

(Yeah, I know, I only have a camera and crappy daylight)

SPN quizz

Damnit! I never expected that. I am purring like a big fat TV cat. I'm in love with Pellegrino's Lucifer. (Tough Padalecki's was tremendously awesome as well, but too disturbing with Sam's face to be "better" to my eyes).
Would that I could be as sweet and compassionate as SPN's Lucifer...


Across the Nightingale Floor ; epic moment

“'Where've you been?' he whispered.
'In the privy. I didn't feel well.'
'Since midnight?' he said, incredulous.
I was pulling off my wet clothes and hiding the weapons under the mattress at the same time. 'Not that long. You were asleep.'
He reached out an felt my undergarment. 'This is soaking! Have you been in the river?'
'I told you, I didn't feel well. Maybe I couldn't get to the privy in time.'
Kenji thwacked me hard on the shoulder. [...]”


Across the Nightingale Floor, Lian Hearn.

Rock en Seine, baby!

Vampire Weekend, Bloc Party, Yann Tiersen, Calvin Harris, Billy Talent, The Offspring, Metric, Sliimy, Klaxons, Eagles of Death Metal, MGMT, The Prodigy.

Caught a glimpse of:
Madness, The Horrors, les Petits Pois.

2 people with a NIN shirt; several real live punks (endangered species), three of whom carrying a "LOL" sign; too many people hugging, kissing and pawing each other; a musician combing his moustache.

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Conte arabe

"Un jour, au marché de Boukhara, le ministre du vizir aperçoit la Mort et la voit faire un geste en sa direction. Terrifié à l'idée d'être emmené par elle, il quitte précipitamment la ville et chevauche toute la nuit jusqu'à Samarkand pour mettre entre lui et la mort une distance infranchissable. Entre-temps, le vizir apprend le départ de son ministre. Après enquête, il fait venir la Mort en son palais : «On m'a dit que mon ministre est parti après t'avoir aperçue au marché. Pourquoi lui as-tu ainsi fait peur ? Tu voulais l'emmener avec toi ?
- Non pas, répond la Mort. J'ai seulement été surprise de le voir tantôt au marché de Boukhara alors que nous avons rendez-vous demain à Samarkand.»"