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Rock en Seine, baby!

Vampire Weekend, Bloc Party, Yann Tiersen, Calvin Harris, Billy Talent, The Offspring, Metric, Sliimy, Klaxons, Eagles of Death Metal, MGMT, The Prodigy.

Caught a glimpse of:
Madness, The Horrors, les Petits Pois.

2 people with a NIN shirt; several real live punks (endangered species), three of whom carrying a "LOL" sign; too many people hugging, kissing and pawing each other; a musician combing his moustache.

This music festival takes place in Saint-Cloud, 92, Paris suburbia. It's totally epic. For one, it's huge. It happens in this wide park, and after three days, I am totally and utterly dead. Yep, dead. And I mean, three days. Wow. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my feet hurt, my wrists hurt (although that is due to too much time spent at the Guitar Hero stand), and I'm deaf. W-O-W.

Since this happens at the very end of August, it really helps going back to work without too much sulking. I'm in high spirits, now. Woohoo, play it fucking loud!!

I do wish people had a little bit more respect for the site. It's already quite depressing to see the state the ground is in after three days of intensive tramping, I mean, none of the former grass is left, only soil with dead, yellowish grass pressed flat against it. Well, that can't be avoided. But what about the thousands of detritus on the ground? There are trash bins EVERY WHERE!! Are people blind??? And do they have to throw their fucking cigarettes on the ground, too? I mean, on the street, I don't do it, but I don't mind that much. It is, after all, only tar. But you don't just fucking throw your fag ends on a park!!!! What are bins for? Thousands and thousands of cigarettes on dead grass. Have any of them thought about the people who will have to pick those up? Morons. Does every one wish so bad that every bit of nature we still have be covered with our waste? Fuck them.

But I still love all of you guys :'(