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Saiyuki Reload Colo: “Good-Bye Kiss”


The colo in itself is not as old as last one, but since I had updated "Next time" right before I uploaded it on lj, and done A LOT of modifications then, the technique is actually older here. But still not that old. Wait, I'm lost...


At the request of waifine, a good friend of mine on lj (and it was actually a great idea), I've colored the scene where Goku is kissed by the youkai girl.
I kinda hesitated as far as skin hue is concerned, because it's hard to guess where the Sanzo party is travelling now. I chose this tanned color since it reminds me both of indian or west-chinese skin (and I guess they should be pretty close to India/Tenjiku now, yes?) and of desert dwellers. This scene occurs in a desert-ish kind of place, so... yes.
I used a brush for the background cloudy effect.

Lineart and characters (Goku + Youkai girl) © Minekura Kazuya
(Saiyuki Reload)
Colors mine